We provide BMW coding Service for customers who want to add a personalized touch to their vehicle or simply get rid of an anoying factory default setting like the 'Gong' when key left in ignition. With our BMW coding no modules are removed from your vehicle. All BMW coding is done with software through your bmw obd socket or BMW Most Connector.



Programming Service

BMW and Mini programming services for new or used ABS/ DCS Pump,

Instrumnet cluster /kombi Coding,FRM Module and Diagnostics Service throughout London and M25


Here is a list of some of the features we can code using our advanced diagnostic equipment.

Daylight Running Light, Automatic Folding mirrors, window roll up


Close Windows+Roof with KeyFob

Fold Side Mirrors with KeyFob

KeyFob Eject on Engine Stop

Door unlock on Engine Stop

One Touch Open/Close Sunroof (MINI)

Enable Remote Close for Tailgate w/ Keyfob & Dash Button (X3/X5/5GT/X6)






Instrument Cluster:


Disable iDrive Disclaimer

Gas Station Suggestion Along Route for iDrive (09+)

Digital Speedometer (non Ms)

True Speed Value on Digital Speedo

Instant MPG (M)

M Style HUD (E70 X5)


New OEM Battery Registration -

Aftermarket Battery Voltage Programing -





Disable ANY Bulb/Adaptive Headlight Warnings

E92 3 Series Coupe LCI Taillight Retrofit

E92 Corner LED Delete

Amber Side Marker Delete

Disable Dimming on Angel Eyes When Headlights Are On

Enable Halo only DRL on E90 Halogen

Front Fog Lights Turn On When Unlocking

Rear Fog Lights Turn On When Unlocking

Low Beam Turns On When Unlocking



Disable Seat Belt Chime (Both Sides, Driver Side Only, Passenger Side Only)

Disable Door Gong (Keyfob in Ignition Warning Sound)

Disable Steering Wheel Tilt Adjustment

Disable Windows Safety (Enable auto roll-up when door open)

Disable Headlamp Washer

Disable Auto Dimming Mirrors

Disable Seat Belt Helper on E92 (Both Sides, Driver Side Only, Passenger Side Only)


Disable TPMS -


*Disclaimer - DVD while driving & TPMS disable are strictly for offroad use only! Please wear your seatbelts while driving at all times





BMW Coding for BMWs E and F series 07506689007

BMW ECU Remapping Service

Why not remap your BMW ECU and gain an extra 10 - 35% BHP. We at BMW Coding are real tuners who have been building, tuning and racing cars for over 20 years.

Therefore unlike others we are capable of offering a ECU Remapping service eunique to your car.This is done through your vehicle's OBD II socket. We have spent years developing and testing our own tuning files.



BMW Electronic Steering Lock


Diagnostics and repair service for BMW E and F Series. If your BMW is displaying YELOW Steering Lock and Pad Lock SIGN on the dash or RED Steering and Pad Lock FAULT Sign or REFUSING TO START


This problem can be caused by many different things Electrical Fault,Faulty CAS Module (Car Accessory System),Faulty Electronic Steering Lock Motor or Faulty ELV Circuit Board or motor


We will diagnose the problem so you know exactly which component is failing.

(It might not be necessary to rush out and buy a steering column for hundreds of pounds)

In many cases we can use our advance diagnostic equipment Reprogram the afected module or Update Software to reactivate your steering lock


Price from £50 (if you are in London)

Tel: 07506689007

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