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BMW F Series Coding List


 Key fob to open/close windows and sunroof

 Key fob to open/close mirrors (must have motorized mirrors option)

 Key fob to open/close trunk (must have motorized trunk lid option)

 Cabin trunk button to open/close (must have motorized trunk lid option)

 TC-TSA set to last memory

 Custom setting of mirrors to close (instant, 1 second or 2 seconds)

 Seatbelt chimes disabled drivers and/or passenger side

 Remove windows safety (windows continue to roll up when door is open

 Tail lights work as daytime running lights

 Fog lights stay on with high beams

 Fogs enabled as welcome lights

 Disable sidemarker lights (ugly ambers will only work as turn signals)

 DVD in motion (CIC and NBT equipped)

 Legal disclaimers disabled

 Parking disclaimers disabled

 Allow Parking cameras to work at any speed

 RDC safety enabled (tire temperature and psi shown in navigation screen)

 Phone Ringer transfer over to car

 HUD to show turn signal

 HUD to show Entertainment list

 HUD to show Telephone list

 Change Startup screen of I-drive ( change from BMW connected to M performance)

 Enable Torque/HP in Navigation (N63 and 550 not applicable)

 Reduce night automatic headlight sensitivity

 Enable USB to play XVID, XVCD ( NBT headunit only)

 Digital speedo readout in gauge cluster

 Read and clear error codes for dealer visits


☐ Disable corner/sidemarker ambers (euro)

☐ Enable door handle LEDs when reversing

☐ Angel eyes full brightness / Removes low beam AE dimming

☐ Enable European brake force display (BFD)

☐ Enable fogs on with welcome lights

☐ Enable fogs on with high beams

☐ Change auto headlight sensitivity to less sensitive

☐ Enable taillight on with DRL

☐ One touch blinker change to 4, 5, 6, or 7 blinks

Heads Up Display

☐ Enable HUD turn signals

☐ Enable HUD phone contact list and phone menu

☐ Enable HUD radio menu

☐ Enable DVD/Video in Motion

☐ Enable Variable Light Distribution / Anti‐Dazzle High Beam

☐ Disable seatbelt chime for driver ☐ Passenger

☐ Enable Euro MDM (F80 M3 or F82 M4 only)

☐ Enable Enhanced Bluetooth

☐ Enable rear fogs (requires hardware modification)

☐ Disable TPMS



BMW E Series Coding List


Daylight Running Light, Automatic Folding mirrors, window roll up


Close Windows+Roof with KeyFob

Fold Side Mirrors with KeyFob

KeyFob Eject on Engine Stop

Door unlock on Engine Stop

One Touch Open/Close Sunroof (MINI)

Enable Remote Close for Tailgate w/ Keyfob & Dash Button (X3/X5/5GT/X6)




Disable ANY Bulb/Adaptive Headlight Warnings

E92 3 Series Coupe LCI Taillight Retrofit

E92 Corner LED Delete

Amber Side Marker Delete

Disable Dimming on Angel Eyes When Headlights Are On

Enable Halo only DRL on E90 Halogen

Front Fog Lights Turn On When Unlocking

Rear Fog Lights Turn On When Unlocking

Low Beam Turns On When Unlocking


Instrument Cluster:


Disable iDrive Disclaimer

Gas Station Suggestion Along Route for iDrive (09+)

Digital Speedometer (non Ms)

True Speed Value on Digital Speedo

Instant MPG (M)

M Style HUD (E70 X5)

TMPS Readings (Temperature + Pressure) (E70)


Disable Seat Belt Chime (Both Sides, Driver Side Only, Passenger Side Only)

Disable Door Gong (Keyfob in Ignition Warning Sound)

Disable Steering Wheel Tilt Adjustment

Disable Windows Safety (Enable auto roll-up when door open)

Disable Headlamp Washer

Disable Auto Dimming Mirrors

Disable Seat Belt Helper on E92 (Both Sides, Driver Side Only, Passenger Side Only)




New OEM Battery Registration -


Aftermarket Battery Voltage Programing -


Disable TPMS -


*Disclaimer - DVD while driving & TPMS disable are strictly for offroad use only! Please wear your seatbelts while driving at all time!

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